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Embrace Your Challenges

They Are Your Greatest Teacher


Amber T. Nathan







Painful as life’s challenges can sometimes be, I believe they are an integral part of our life’s journey. And our greatest teachers. Embracing and overcoming our issues and challenges is essential for our emotional and spiritual growth. And ultimately to lasting happiness.

With many years experience in the counselling, mental health, healing and wellness fields, I believe I can help guide you on your personal journey through whatever challenges you face, including:

- anxiety and depression

- stress

- relationship issues

- self-esteem and confidence building

- personal empowerment

- behavioural changes

- grief & loss

- abuse

- trauma

- addiction.

Although I can adapt my style to your needs, I have a natural tendency towards helping you to realise practical solutions to your issues to help you move on from where you are stuck. I am also happy to integrate any of my more holistic or spiritual/energy practices into your counselling experience if you wish.

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